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Westfalia Fruit

The avocado experts

Sustainable management of resources and environment

A sustainable supply of avocados, other fruit and related products from orchards controlled or managed by a single source is a sustainable competitive advantage in global markets.

Recognised global prominence

Westfalia Fruit is a multinational, 12-months-of-the-year supplier of fresh fruit and related products to international markets. Westfalia grows avocados and other fruit in its own orchards, sources produce from around the world, and ripens, processes and packs its products to meet the exacting standards of its customers. Accreditations within the Westfalia Group include GlobalGAP, LEAF, IFS, BRC, Sedex and HACCP. Many of these accreditations are international audit benchmarks that provide consumers with the assurance that Westfalia is committed to produce hygienic, safe and healthy food while ensuring the sustainable and responsible management of its bio-resources and the communities and environment in which it operates.

Grown and sourced by Westfalia, taken to the world

Avocados and other fruit are grown in the Group’s own orchards in Africa, Europe and the Americas, and sourced from accredited growers around the world. Processed products include avocado oil, guacamole, puree, IQF avocado pieces, and dried fruit like mango. As a result of its strong supply partnerships, Westfalia markets a wide variety of fruit from across the globe, and has developed avocado orchards in Mozambique, Colombia and other new origins, together with its partners. Customers are served from sales offices located in the Netherlands, England (Greencell Ltd), France (Comexa SA), Austria, Colombia, Peru (Camet Trading, Incavo), Chile (Agricom) and South Africa. In addition to marketing services, ripening, packing and handling facilities are operated at most of these locations. ‚Äč