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Hans Merensky Holdings

HMH is a renewable bio-resource company with vertically-integrated value chains.
Its operations Merensky Timber and Westfalia Fruit are wholly owned.

Westfalia Fruit

The avocado experts.
Westfalia Fruit is a multinational, 12-months-of-the-year supplier of fresh fruit and related products to international markets.

About Us

Hans Merensky Holdings (HMH) is an integrated group, managing the entire value chain – from seedling trees to the delivery of products to the market. HMH was established 70 years ago, with its head office located in Parktown, Johannesburg, in South Africa. A privately held company, its shareholders include the Hans Merensky Legacy, the South African state-owned Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Bacarac Trading 91 (Pty) Limited, Women Investment Portfolio Forestry Holdings (Pty) Limited and HMH staff.

HMH Subsidiaries

Westfalia Fruit

A sustainable supply of avocados, other fruit and related products from orchards controlled or managed by a…

The Founder

Dr Hans Merensky (1871-1952)
Pioneer of sustainability

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is dependent on managing the relationships with all stakeholders in a responsible manner for a successful long-term future. HMH continues to strike a careful balance between creating value for shareholders and playing a crucial role in the development and wellbeing of the communities and economies that it impacts. Ensuring the most positive possible impact…